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PROFINET and PROFIBUS Rotary Encoders for Automation Technology

To keep up with the growing demands of the industry, HEIDENHAIN has increased the functionality of its PROFIBUS rotary encoders. The rotary encoders with PROFIBUS interface now support the DP-V2 encoder profile which makes them ready for robot control and production technology.

The standard rotary encoders of HEIDENHAIN' s ROC / ROQ 400 series with 58 mm housing diameter are now also available with the PROFINET interface. These encoders find use in manufacturing systems, process automation and drive applications.

Within these newly improved HEIDENHAIN encoders are M12 or M23 input connectors and flange sockets that make cable connections more accessible and easier to use. M12 flange sockets allow the use of preassembled standard cables, which helps avoid incorrect wiring, while reducing the number of cables assembled in the field.

This connection technology provides a further advantage during commissioning: it reduces the risk of ESD damage to the encoder. Absolute rotary encoders with PROFIBUS comprise single-turn and multi-turn versions. They can be configured and parameterized acording to the requirements of the application.

Versions with PROFINET interface are new to the HEIDENHAIN rotary encoder program. These encoders support the functions of Conformance Class 4 (full scaling and preset functions) and offer Ethernet-based real-time and IT communication.

Heidenhain Corporation
Part Number: ROC/ROQ 400

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