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Hybrid Motor Starter

Woehner USA announced availability of its hybrid motor starter, MOTUS® Contactron Control. It offers system designers unique advantages in space and labor savings, while delivering versatile, reliable and long-lasting motor control.

Targeted at industries using motor controlled motion, MOTUS is used in place of traditional motor starting components. It is perfectly suited for system or machine designs that require motor loads of up 5hp. MOTUS is a compact and highly reliable motor controller that can be installed in less than half the time of motor starters currently available.

MOTUS is also the first hybrid motor starter that not only incorporates three mounting options - 60mm System Classic, 60mm System Compact and DIN-rail mounting, but also incorporates short-circuit protection into the housing of the device, eliminating the need to mount circuit protection elsewhere in the panel design.

Users of MOTUS derive a number of key benefits that range from speed of installation to saving of space, a critical commodity on a busbar system. Saunders continues, "MOTUS is quick to install on a 60mm busbar system. We can eliminate half of the wire conductors and wire terminations associated with motor control circuit wiring. It is also robust and reliable, yielding a product lifespan that is 10 times longer than a conventional contactor. Its compact size means that it makes up to 75% more space available on a busbar system compared to conventional starter combinations."

MOTUS is a hybrid device because it uses a solid-state semiconductor switch to start and stop motor loads at up to 5 horsepower, at 480 volts AC. The advantage of using a hybrid motor starter lies in the non-mechanical nature of the semiconductor switch. Hybrid motor starters can achieve up to 10 times as many switching operations as a mechanical contactor. Once the motor load is brought up to speed, the current is shunted through a traditional set of contacts to insure cool operating temperatures.

Woehner USA
Part Number: MOTUS

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