Power Electronics

High-Performance Motor Controller Module for Critical, Rugged, Motion Applications

North Atlantic Industries (NAI) adds new 3-axis motion control module (M*) based on the Magellan MC58000 Series Processor-adding motor control capability to multi-function board platforms resulting in a fully integrated servo motor control embedded card for use in on-the-move, feedback, robotic/autonomous, targeting, positioning and manufacturing process control systems.

The M* module supports DC brush, brushless DC and step motors using both pulse and direction and microstepping output formats and can be configured to control up to three motors simultaneously, for full three-axis motion control. The M* module may be used with DC-brush motors or brushless DC motors having external commutation; two-phase or three-phase sinusoidal commutated motor signals in PWM brushless servomotors.

Features include:

  • Programmable control of DC-brushed, brushless, stepper or PWM motor systems
  • Integrated motor control feedback for either hall sensor, A-QUAD-B or resolver
  • Integrated I/O for motor limits, home, fault and motor enable sense/control
  • 12-channel A/Ds with 10-ch synchronized/simultaneous FIFO data buffer and triggering option 3-channel current measurement
  • 6 (3x2) D/A or PWM (3x4); (A,B,C and Dir) control signal outputs
  • Optional Resolver/Synchro feedback for sinusoidal commutation
  • Optional reference supply for Synchro/Resolver
  • Background (automatic/online) calibration and built-in-test

North Atlantic Industries, Inc.

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