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Expanded Range Of Flat Motors

Expanded Range Of Flat Motors

Nanotec BLDC flat motors of the DF45 series are the solution of choice where high precision is essential and space is tight. These 16-pin outrunners have a standard diameter of 45 mm, and size L has a length of 27 mm and a nominal output of 65 watts. Nanotec has now expanded the series to include sizes S and M with outer lengths of 18 mm and 21.6 mm and nominal outputs of 30 and 50 watts, respectively. Each model comes either with an integrated connector or connecting wires. A Flex-PCB is also available on request.

DF45 series motors have their permanent magnets located on the rotor bell revolving around the internal stator with the windings. While these motors generate the same output as internal rotor motors, they have lower torque ripple due to the rotor's higher moment of inertia. They also have a shorter design.

The new motors combine low weight with high power density, are highly cost-effective and are used in a wide range of applications.


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