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EtherCAT Servo-Drives For Brushless Motors

EtherCAT Servo-Drives For Brushless Motors

OPENdrive OD700 servo-drives for brushless motors are the latest new products from OSAI USA. These EtherCAT servo-drives integrate perfectly with OSAI's OPENcontrol family. They complete the EtherCAT supply of flexible and open CNC systems that are equipped with numerous fieldbus capabilities to handle complex operating challenges and strong customizations.

A key feature is automatic recognition of connected motors and configuration through "ODM", a powerful browser executable both on PC and on machine board. This facilitates commissioning exclusively through the EtherCAT channel without modifying machine connections. ODM enables visualization and modification of characterization parameters of drives and motors in addition to drive analysis through diagnostic graphics.

ODM also enables drive functions such as digital filters for the compensation of mechanical imperfections and the actuation time of the brake motor to synchronize it with axis motions. A multi-track oscilloscope allows execution of detailed analysis of axes behavior for the best machine performance.

Six OPENdrive models are available with current ratings of 1A, 3A, 6A, 12A, 18A and 36A in three sizes. Each model has internal sampling times (50 seconds for the current loop and 100 microseconds for velocity and position loops) allowing high dynamic management. This also allows connection to an auxiliary encoder transducer for increased position accuracy control of the mechanical system. 

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