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The FBL2360 is suited for use in Automatic Guided Vehicles AGVs warehouse automation robots and police and military robots Image courtesy of Roboteq
<p>The FBL2360 is suited for use in Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGVs), warehouse automation robots, and police and military robots. (Image courtesy of Roboteq).</p>

Dual Channel Brushless DC Motor Controller

Roboteq Inc. has introduced the FBL2360, an intelligent controller capable of simultaneously driving two brushless DC motor up to 60A each at up to 60V. Because they have no brushes, brushless motors operate more quietly and have a longer life than equivalent brushed motors. Roboteq's FBL2360 is ideally suited for use in Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGVs), warehouse automation robots, police/military robots, or any other high power brushless motor control application. Combined with Roboteq's MGS1600 Magnetic Guide Sensor, the FBL2360 can be used to design automatic guided vehicles (AGVs) with just two components.

The controller accepts commands from either analog pedal/joystick, standard R/C radio for simple remote controlled robot applications, USB or RS232 interface. Using the serial port, the FBL2360 can be used to design fully or semi-autonomous robots by connecting it to single board computers, wireless modems or Wi-Fi adapters.

The FBL2360 incorporates a Basic Language Interpreter capable of executing over 50,000 Basic instructions per second. This feature can be used to write powerful scripts for adding custom functions, or for developing automated systems without the need for an external PLC or microcomputer.

The controller's two channels can be operated independently or combined to set the direction and rotation of a vehicle by coordinating the motors on each side (tank-like steering). The motors may be operated in open or closed loop speed or position modes with a 1 kHz update rate. The FBL2360 can use the motor's hall sensors or optical encoders to measure speed and travel distance with high accuracy.

The FBL2360 features intelligent current sensing that will automatically limit each of the power outputs to 60A in all load conditions. The controller also includes protection against overheat, stall, and short circuits. The controller supports regenerative braking allowing the battery to get charged during robot decelerations.

The controller includes up to 8 analog, 10 digital and 6 pulse inputs. Four 1A digital outputs are provided for activating lights, valves, brakes or other accessories. The controller's operation can be optimized using nearly 80 configurable parameters, such as programmable acceleration or deceleration, amps limits, operating voltage range, use of I/O, and more.

The FBL2360 is built into a compact 140 x 140 x 25mm enclosure with an aluminum bottom plate for efficient conduction cooling. The FBL2360 is available now to customers worldwide at $595 in single quantities, complete with cable and PC-based configuration software. 

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