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Closed Loop Stepping Motor with 12-Bit Encoder

With a Plug & Drive PD2-N integrated closed loop stepping motor, Nanotec expanded its offering of integrated stepper motors with closed loop sine commutation. Nanotec is expanding NEMA 17 applications into traditional servo applications with 71 oz-in of torque and speed up to 3000 RPM with near servo performance. Not a piggyback design. The sine commutation position, torque and speed control and 12 bit encoder are integrated inside the motor envelope. The entire unit is very compact with an overall length of only 72 mm.

Integrated Plug & Drive stepper motors are used wherever speed, high precision and compact design are required. They are characterized by high-torque stepper motors combined with especially smooth-running dspDrive technology developed by Nanotec and an integrated position control system with an encoder. The PD2-N model is the first motor of the Plug & Drive line from Nanotec that integrates a magnetic 12-bit encoder.

The PD2-N can be operated in closed-loop mode. Through this field-oriented control with sine commutation, stepper motors run with real torque control, high precision and with low resonance. Stepping errors are compensated for during motion and load angle errors are corrected within a full step. A Nanotec closed-loop stepper motor behaves similar to a multi-pole servomotor and can be used in many of the same applications in which a high torque is required. The PD2-N is available for RS485 or CANopen. Coordinated motion is achieved through CANopen or RS485.

Nanotec Electronic US Inc.
Part Number: PD2-N

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