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Image courtesy of Nanotec
<p>(Image courtesy of Nanotec).</p>

BLDC Motors with Broad Application Range

Nanotec now offers two new brushless DC motors for applications that require smooth running characteristics and a long service life. On account of its low nominal speed, the 10-pole DB41 is especially suited for applications with mid-range speeds up to 3000 rpm. It is equipped with bonded magnets as well as hall sensors that report back the rotor position. The peak output of these NEMA 17 motors ranges from 66 to 339 W, its nominal torque from 0.07 to 0.36 Nm.

The high-performance DB43 model series has six poles and sintered magnets, and it offers approx. 30% more power output at the same length. This motor is available with hall sensors or a magnetic encoder and safety brake. The DB43 has a peak output of 159 to 414 W and a nominal torque of 0.17 to 0.44 Nm, its operating voltages range from 24 to 48 V.

Along with the DB42 model series for cost-sensitive applications, Nanotec now offers three motor families of the same size that cover a broad spectrum of requirements.

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