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40-Millimeter BLDC Motor

Buehler Motor, Inc. introduced to the North American market a new 40-millimeter brushless DC (BLDC) motor offering the highest level of performance and maximum dynamics with low weight and lean dimensions. Available in lengths measuring 70 millimeters and 100 millimeters, the new motor offers power coupled with flexible design to fit a range of applications in the healthcare, industrial and automotive industries.

Buehler Motor’s BLDC design offers long life and low radio interference, making it ideal for demanding and low-noise applications. The motor dynamics are optimized using an 8-pole rotor with plastic-bonded neodymium (NdFeB) magnets. Three hall sensors are used to precisely position the rotor within the motor. Additionally, segmented stators allow for maximum copper fill for highest motor performance, and precision ball bearings ensure smooth operation and an operating life of 20,000 hours.

With the new 40-millimeter design, Buehler Motor is expanding its BLDC motor family to offer a technically superior product that also provides the greatest flexibility and adaptability, Buehler will also offer a wide range of shaft designs and drive elements to customize the motor to meet customer specifications and their product development challenges.

The new brushless 40-millimeter motor is customizable with flat, thread or cross bore shaft designs, and drive elements such as pinions, pulleys and worm gears that are tested and optimized to complement the motor design.

Additionally, the motor is designed to cover a large range of rotational speeds between 6 volts and 48 volts by varying its wire diameter and number of stator turns. The motor is also capable of block, sinus and vector commutations and operating without sensors, plus integration with controllers and software.

Buehler Motor, Inc
Part Number: 40mm

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