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Worlds Highest Energy Standard Batteries

Worlds Highest Energy Standard Batteries


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Worlds Highest Energy Standard Batteries

Inspired Energy Inc. has launched two new standard battery offerings, each of which represents the highest stored energy of any currently available standard battery pack. In addition, the company introduced a full range of smart battery diagnostic tools and upgraded its existing range of Li-ion standard batteries to provide an extra 10% runtime.

The new 95Wh Li-ion standard batteries were launched in response to customer demand for longer running battery packs and batteries providing higher discharge currents. Both batteries use the industry-standard SMBus smart battery system and employ the regular 5-pin standard battery connector. They share identical cases, weigh 647 g (1.43 lb), and are capable of a 6A continuous drain from 0°C to 50°C.

Both batteries can be shipped as normal, nonhazardous goods under the DOT Li battery transportation regulations. A belt-mounted battery pack system is currently in design for high-energy applications that use belt-mounted power sources.

In addition to these new batteries, Inspired Energy has increased the capacity of its existing standard Li-ion batteries from 6Ah to 6.6Ah, and introduced a range of battery diagnostic tools.

For more information, visit www.inspired-energy.com.

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