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Thin-Film Battery Is Poised For Commercialization

Having completed its research and development phase, Oak Ridge Micro-Energy is now entering phase three of its business plan in which it will focus on marketing and licensing its thin-film battery (TFB) technology to partners across all industries. The company has been in discussions with several multinational corporations who have expressed a keen interest in its TFB technology, which the company believes is ready for large-scale commercialization.

Oak Ridge Micro-Energy spent several years improving the original core TFB technology. The company says it has now reached the stage where the improvements and new developments required for product integration into the largest and most profitable markets have been accomplished.

The new developments include an improvement of Lipon, the key material of the original thin-film battery, a new anode-cathode combination that allows for record high-temperature cycles of 170ºC, and a low-voltage TFB that operates between 2 V and 1 V to meet the requirements of the semiconductor industry. Another development is a packaged TFB that can survive the harsh conditions of solder reflow.

As part of the next step, the company has entered an agreement to sell its research and development equipment and sub-lease its Oak Ridge facility. This agreement allows the company to have continued access to the equipment as may be needed for prototyping and testing by potential licensees and partners.

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