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Stepup Converter Suits Battery-Powered Applications

The AS1321 from austriamicrosystems is a stepup dc-dc converter with a fully integrated synchronous rectifier. With an efficiency of 96%, the AS1321 is well suited for battery powered applications that require a 5.0-V supply. With a supply voltage of 1.5 V to 5.0 V, the AS1321 is capable of delivering a 130-mA output current at a 2-V input voltage. An integrated power-on reset circuit enables the AS1321 to reset any type of microprocessor after power up, ensuring a stable start in all devices.

The AS1321 improves on the existing AS1320 while boosting the output voltage to 5 V. The device features a shutdown mode where it draws less than 1 μA. In this mode, the battery is connected directly to the output to enable direct battery feed-through. This enables the input battery to be used as backup or as a real-time clock supply when the converter is off and eliminates the need for an expensive back-up battery.

The AS1321 is available in a SOT23-6-pin package. Refer to the AS1320 for a 3.3-V variant. Free IC samples can be conveniently ordered from austriamicrosystems' online shop ICdirect. Contact austriamicrosystems for pricing.

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