Power Electronics

Protective Interface Module Guards Battery and Charger

Automation Systems Interconnect’s XCSBC battery charger interface module is a protective interface between the battery and a power supply. Based on the design features of this module, it is possible to use a modular DIN rail-mounted power supply as a battery charger while it is feeding the load. Rated for power supplies ranging from 1 A to 10 A, the XCSBC Battery Charger Interface Module features protection diodes, charging current limiting resistor and protection fuses for the battery.

The diode provides decoupling between the battery and the power supply while the resistor circuit limits the current charge to avoid battery overheating. In addition, the fuse circuit protects the battery and its wiring against short circuits. It is also possible to use these modules to connect two power supplies in parallel. The double diode can be used as an ORing diode for decoupling two power supply outputs.

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