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Lithium Battery Charger Features Dual-Source Operation

Linear Technology’s LTC4075HVX manages the charging of single-cell Li-ion or Li-polymer batteries from a wall adapter or a USB connection using a constant-current/constant-voltage algorithm. The charger can deliver up to 950 mA from a wall adapter supply, or up to 850 mA from a USB, and automatically senses the presence of voltage at each input. The final float voltage accuracy is ±0.6% in either case.

The LTC4075HVX is equipped with a thermal regulation scheme that maximizes the charging rate without the risk of overheating. Single resistors program wall-adapter-supply charge current, USB-supply charge current and charge-termination current. No external MOSFET, sense resistor or blocking diode is required. The LTC4075HVX 1000-piece pricing begins at $2.00 each.

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