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Li-Ion Charger Uses USB or AC Power

Maxim Integrated Products’ MAX8804Y/MAX8804Z are miniature USB/AC-adapter chargers for single-cell Li-ion batteries. The devices automatically select between either a USB or an ac-adapter input source. Additionally, both chargers integrate two high-voltage, low-RDS(ON) charging FETs, a reverse-current-blocking diode, a current-sensing resistor and input overvoltage-protection circuitry. The MAX8804Z uses a pre-qualification charging stage to bring the battery voltage to 2.5 V, whereas the MAX8804Y starts fast charging without a pre-charging stage. Both the MAX8804Y and MAX8804Z are available in a thermally enhanced, 8-pin TDFN package, and prices start at $1.40 each for 2500 pieces.

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