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Li-Ion Batteries Power Submarine Maneuvering Technology

Saft Batteries has received an order from General Dynamics Electric Boat to supply Li-ion batteries to power an electric actuator for submarine steering and diving planes as part of the Tango-Bravo program. This element of the program aims to replace hydraulics with electric actuators. The steering and diving actuators can operate normally on ship service power, but require a compact stored-energy system that provides surge power under peak-load conditions, or serves as a UPS if ship service power is not available. Li-ion batteries have very low internal impedance and high electrochemical potential (up to 4.2 V per cell), enabling them to meet the energy-storage requirements of this system.

"General Dynamics Electric Boat chose Li-ion batteries because of their ability to produce the highest levels of power, while being lightweight and compact,” said Jack Chapman, program manager for General Dynamics Electric Boat. “The Saft VL16P cells offer an excellent combination of high specific power, high specific energy and high cycle life that were ideally suited for the Tango-Bravo actuator application."

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