Power Electronics

Isolated Sensors Measure Automotive Battery Current

LEM’s HAB family of current sensors is designed for automotive battery-monitoring applications. The sensors are based on open-loop, Hall-effect transducers that simplify both installation and servicing by removing the need to cut the cable carrying the measured current. The 12 sensors in the family offer primary current measurement ranges from ±20 A to ±120 A, an accuracy of ±2% across the operating temperature range of -40°C to +125°C and a choice of voltage or PWM outputs.

The sensors operate from a unipolar 5-V supply and provide a fully ratiometric solution for the voltage output devices. Response time is less than 10 ms. A watertight housing and sealed connector provide full environmental protection in under-the-hood applications. Principal applications are expected to be in the measurement of battery-pack current in electric, hybrid and conventional vehicles.

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