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IC Provides Power-Management for XScale Cores

Maxim Integrated Products’ MAX8660 and MAX8661 are high efficiency power-management ICs (PMICs) designed specifically for the Intel Monahans, the third-generation Intel XScale technology-based applications processors. The MAX8660/MAX8661 PMICs and the XScale processor work together in devices requiring substantial computing and multimedia capability at low power.

The MAX8660 integrates eight high-performance and low-operating-current power supplies, an I2C interface, and supervisory functions in a lead-free, 5-mm x 5-mm x 0.8-mm, 40-pin TQFN package. Fully compatible with the Monahans power I2C register set,
the device meets all Monahans' processor voltage thresholds and power sequencing and ramp-rate requirements.

The MAX8660 features four 2-MHz step-down converters with synchronous rectification. Two dc-dc converters are serially programmed for dynamic voltage management to power the CPU (1.6 A) and internal SRAM (400 mA). Two additional dc-dc converters supply I/O (1.2 A) and DRAM (900 mA), and can achieve up to 97% efficiency. A low-noise 200-mA LDO supplies the processor's low-noise circuitry; two general-purpose 500-mA LDO's support SD-CARD interfaces. A fourth always-on LDO supplies the Monahans' internal RTC and draws only 20 μA in deep-sleep mode.

The MAX8660 features overvoltage and undervoltage lock-out protection for highly reliable operation. A 2.6-V to 6-V input-voltage range with 7.5-V absolute maximum rating allows the use of a 1-cell lithium-ion (Li+), 3- or 4-cell NiMH, or a regulated 5-V input. Both the MAX8660/MAX8661 are screened for -40°C to +85°C operation. Evaluation kits and samples are currently available to speed designs.

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