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Fuel Cell System Supports First Responders

Jadoo Power Systems’ XRT delivers the power density suitable for the emergency preparedness market. Jadoo’s XRT provides critical support power when the grid is either unavailable or unreliable. The XRT can be used for power-hungry emergency response applications that need power support, such as portable radio and laptop battery recharging, as well as a battery replacement for emergency lighting and critical communication devices like satellite phones and modems.

Supporting Jadoo’s N-Gen fuel cell power unit and N-Stor fuel storage canisters, the Jadoo XRT weighs only 50 lbs., but provides the energy of four 45 Ahr batteries weighing over 100 lbs. A mobile, rugged fuel cell power package, the XRT can be configured to deliver application runtimes well beyond that of standard deep-cycle, marine batteries.

A fully-configured XRT includes six N-Stor360 fuel canisters, providing up to 2200 Whrs (180 Amp-hours) of runtime; one 100-W N-Gen fuel cell power unit; 110-Vac and 12-Vdc outputs; hot-swap capability; and an easy-to-use digital “state-of-fill” indicator to identify remaining runtime.

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