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Fuel Cell Developer Demonstrates Latest Advance

MTI MicroFuel Cells (MTI Micro), a developer of off-the-grid portable power solutions and a subsidiary of Mechanical Technology, has announced that its third generation Mobion Chip has improved power performance by approximately 25% as compared to the previous generation unveiled last June. In laboratory testing, the Mobion Chip demonstrated power of over 62 mW/cm2 while producing more than 1800 Wh/kg of energy from a direct-methanol fuel feed.

In addition to the ongoing power performance improvements, the third generation Mobion Chip is approximately 25% smaller than the prior generation was in June 2007 and over 50% smaller than the initial generation at the beginning of 2007.

“Our third generation Mobion Chip is a significant step forward in our commercialization efforts and is expected to generate interest among OEMs who are looking for increasingly efficient, innovative solutions to power their consumer electronics applications,” says Peng Lim, Chairman and CEO of MTI.

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