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Fast Battery Charger Will Operate Wirelessly

Murata Manufacturing and Seiko Epson have agreed to jointly develop a wireless battery charger capable of a substantially shorter charging time. Specifically, the thin, compact system will shorten the charging time from the commonly required one to two hours down to approximately ten to fifteen minutes. Furthermore, the system will also allow devices that would ordinarily require their own dedicated charging units to share a single charging unit.

The companies have divided the development workload for the system according to their respective areas of expertise. For example, Murata Manufacturing will be responsible for the quick-charge battery, the secondary (battery) module, applied ceramic technology, and the technologies for the thermal and EM-field simulations. Likewise, Epson will be responsible for the development of the IC for the system, the primary (charger) module, and the high-efficiency power transmission coils and systems.

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