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EPROM Suits Battery Pack Applications

Dallas Semiconductor’s DS25LV02 is a 1024-bit EPROM that can operate from supply voltages as low as 2.2 V. This low-voltage operation, along with data-storage capability and a serial number ID, make this device ideal for use in battery packs. Additionally, the DS25LV02 is an upgrade to the DS2502 and is completely backwards compatible for existing DS2502 designs.

The 1024 bits of EPROM memory are organized as four pages of 32 bytes each and store battery-cell characteristics, charging voltage records, current and temperature parameters, and battery-pack manufacturing data. Each memory page can be individually locked to provide security for unchanging data. For additional protection, the unique 64-bit serial number can be used for battery-pack identification.

All communication between the DS25LV02 and the host processor occurs through the 1-Wire data interface. This interface saves cost and space by requiring only three contacts between the host and the battery pack: Pack+, Pack-, and Data. The data contact can also serve as a power line to the device, because the DS25LV02 can be powered directly through its 1-Wire interface.

The device is available in a 5-pin thin SOT with a unit price starting at $0.70 for orders of 10,000.

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