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Dual-Mode Charge Pumps Deliver 500 mA

Linear Technology’s LTC3203-1/B/B-1 are mode-selectable, high-efficiency 500-mA stepup charge pumps. The device features low-noise 1-MHz operation and an input voltage range of 2.7 V to 5.5 V. The LTC3203B provides an adjustable output voltage (feedback voltage 0.91 V typ.), while the LTC3203-1 and LTC3203B-1 have user-selectable fixed output voltage options of 4.5 V or 5 V.

The chips also have two user-selectable conversion modes (1-to-1.5 and 1-to-2) to optimize the charge pump's efficiency. The LTC3203-1 features automatic Burst Mode operation at light load to achieve a 120-μA supply current.

For each of the three devices, only two flying capacitors and two bypass capacitors at VIN and VOUT are required. The LTC3203EDD-1, LTC3203BEDD and LTC3203BEDD-1 are available in the 3-mm x 3-mm x 0.75-mm, 10-lead DFN. Pricing starts at $2.00 each for 1000-piece orders.

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