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Combined Regulator Targets Digital Broadcasting Chipsets

Linear Technology’s LTC3672B-1 and LTC3672B-2 both have a 400-mA, 2.25-MHz, synchronous buck regulator, as well as two 150-mA LDOs. Both parts are ideal for Digital Media Broadcasting (DMB) and Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB) chipsets found in the latest generation of cell phones and PDAs. The LTC3672B-1 has a fixed 1.8-V output on the switching regulator and fixed 1.2-V and 2.8-V outputs for the LDOs, whereas the LTC3672B-2 has a fixed 1.2-V output on the switcher and fixed 1.8-V and 2.8-V LDOs.

The input voltage range of 2.9 V to 5.5 V makes them an ideal solution for single cell Li-ion powered applications. The synchronous buck delivers efficiencies as high as 93%, and constant-frequency, current-mode operation minimizes noise while offering fast transient response. The LTC3672B-1 and LTC3672B-2 are both available now in an 8-lead 2-mm x 2-mm DFN package. Pricing starts at $1.95 each in 1000-piece quantities.

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