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Battery Pack Maker Partners with Cell Developer

Nexergy (www.nexergy.com), a designer, integrator and manufacturer of battery packs and chargers, has announced a distribution partnership with A123Systems (www.a123systems.com), a developer of Li-ion batteries. Nexergy will integrate A123Systems’ Li-ion technology into custom battery packs for a variety of applications such as medical equipment, safety and security devices, and military and aerospace.

Through this partnership, Nexergy and A123Systems are expanding the market penetration of this new Li-ion battery technology in portable applications that require durable, high-power and safe energy solutions. Nexergy’s expertise in the design and supply of custom battery packs together with A123’s power, inherent safety, and superior cycle life, allow the creation of novel energy storage solutions for a vast array of industries and enable new applications previously impossible with conventional battery technology.

“This partnership reflects our steadfast commitment to delivering the latest in battery technology to our expanding customer base and to provide global market penetration for emerging battery technologies,” according to Phil Glandon, CEO of Nexergy. “We will work with A123Systems to identify new applications that will benefit from this technology and to develop battery packs customized for the A123Systems Li-ion cells.”

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