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Battery Pack Maker Expands PC Board Assembly

Nexergy, a manufacturer of battery packs and chargers, has expanded its pc board assembly capability at the company’s Columbus, Ohio global headquarters. Nexergy has installed a new surface mount line to assemble rigid and flexible printed circuit assemblies as integrated components of the company’s custom battery packs. The new equipment increases the company’s pc-board production capabilities by 60%, and enables the placement of finer pitch components.

Through ongoing investments in capital equipment, Nexergy is able to significantly reduce customer lead time and improve quality control for its full range of custom products. Pc-board assemblies produced at Nexergy incorporate the latest safety/protection requirements for battery packs utilizing cell chemistries such as Li-ion, and are also used in applications requiring a “fuel gauge.” The company’s SMT capability is significant, as it enables Nexergy to work directly with its broad customer base on the design and manufacture of custom pc boards, rather than relying on an outsource strategy.

The advanced automated equipment covers every facet of the electronics assembly process, including automated inspection and functional test. A seven-zone reflow oven provides superior control over thermal profiles. IPC-A-610 Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies guidelines are strictly adhered to by the Nexergy staff.

According to Phil Glandon, CEO of Nexergy, “Our enhanced SMT line allows our staff to be more responsive to our customers by controlling this process in-house, drastically reducing the time-to-market of our customer’s portable electronic products.”

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