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Battery Developer Seeks Patent Protection Abroad

Oak Ridge Micro-Energy, a developer and manufacturer of thin film rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, has filed a Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) application to extend protection of its U.S. patents to foreign countries.

“This is an important step to protect our patented intellectual property in the countries that have signed the Patent Cooperation Treaty, which include the EU and Japan,” says Mark Meriwether, President of Oak Ridge Micro-Energy. “As we expand our patent portfolio, our thin film battery technology is generating more attention on a worldwide scale, making international patent protection critical."

Meriwether also notes that the company is seeking manufacturing partners and is currently in discussions with several international companies. Oak Ridge Micro-Energy, develops and produces custom thin-film lithium and lithium-ion batteries that are suited for applications requiring a small power source.

These batteries can be fabricated on a variety of substrates as well as onto chips, chip carriers or multi-chip module packages. Target applications include wireless sensors, semiconductor diagnostic wafers, RFID tags, and advanced medical devices. For more information, see www.oakridgemicro.com.

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