Power Electronics

Battery Chargers target GSM and CDMA Handsets

Targeting GSM and CDMA phones, Austriamicrosystems’ AS3653 is a complete chemistry-independent battery charger that features autonomous trickle charge mode, programmable constant current charging as well as constant voltage and pulse charging, integrated gas gauge, overvoltage protection and operation without a battery. The chip also provides a backup battery charger, LED lighting support, accessory detection, real time clock, microphone biasing, SIM card I/F with enhanced ESD protection, PWM output and eight GPIOs.

The various types of LDOs – optimized for the supply of digital, analog or RF components – are all programmable in 50-mV or 100-mV steps by a serial interface, which allows for true dynamic power management. The flexibility of the device can be leveraged through the serial interface, which enables programming of most on-chip functions like LED light patterns, system control functions such as reset generation and interrupt controller, charger modes and the GPIOs. The AS3653 is available in a 6-mm x 6-mm QFN.

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