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Audio CODEC Integrates Power Management Subsystem

The WM8350 is the first member of Wolfson Microelectronics’ AudioPlus power management product line, and features an integrated high-fidelity audio CODEC and power management subsystem. In addition to high-performance audio, the device provides extended battery life and reduced system cost for portable audio and navigation applications. It includes an on-chip clock generator; six dc-dc converters, four LDO regulators; a battery charger; two white LED drivers; and an auxiliary ADC. Compared to using separate CODEC and power management chips, the device can save up to 25% on the BOM cost, and 50% on the pc board footprint.

The four 2-MHz stepdown converters provide a programmable output voltage between 0.85 V and 3.4 V in 25-mV steps, with peak efficiencies of more than 90%. Two 1-MHz stepup converters also operate with 90% peak efficiency, and can be used for backlight displays and the generation of +5 V for USB on the go (OTG). Four 150 mA low-noise LDO voltage regulators can be used to generate the supplies for the audio CODEC, external PLL and other system functions. Each of these regulators provides a programmable output voltage that can range between 0.9 V and 3.3 V in 50-mV or 100-mV steps.

Also included is a single-cell lithium battery charger, which supports programmable-target-voltage, trickle, and fast-charge modes, as well as safety features. Autonomous power-supply selection from USB and/or a wall-adaptor enables instant-on operation in any portable application, even when the battery is dead. The WM8350 is available for sampling now in a 129-pin 7-mm x 7-mm BGA package. Customer evaluation boards are also available.

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