You, too, can get into the electric vehicle business

This week's World Electric Vehicle Symposium in Shenzhen, China will witness the release of an integrated electric drive for use in electric vehicles. Manufacturers could theoretically use the D1g1tal Dr1ve developed by Remy Electric Motors and MotoCzysz as the basis for their own electric vehicle by just building a chassis around it.

Remy says the D1g1tal Dr1ve was conceived from the perspective of an EV manufacturer. It is a complete system of matched integrated components - including motor, controller, proprietary cooling system, final drive and differential - enclosed in a lightweight aluminum shell. The idea is to significantly reduce the time and cost of bringing new electric vehicles to market.

Remy says that currently, other electric drive systems use individual components which are wired together, requiring space for the components and wiring. Integration of the system into a vehicle takes some doing. The D1g1tal Dr1ve is designed to simplify this process dramatically.

The D1g1tal Dr1ve uses the Remy HVH 250 motor, a unit producing up to 1150 N-m of torque and 75kW of power. All electronics mount on a single chassis allowing for installation in less than 30 minutes.

There are several D1g1tal Dr1ve models currently in different stages of testing and design that target small commuting vehicles, larger luxury sedans, light- and medium-duty vans and trucks and extreme super cars. The first model of the D1g1tal Dr1ve, the D1, targets compact electric vehicles and light duty vans and trucks.

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