Squealing tires, but no nitromethane smell for electric funny cars

According to the National Electric Drag Racing Association, both the KillaCycle and the ElectroCat managed to set new records at a recent event held at the Bandimere Speedway in Morrison, Colo. The KillaCycle, ridden by Scotty Pollacheck did the 1/4 mile in 7.864 sec. hitting 169 mph. Eva Hakansson on her ElectroCat -- said to be 100% street-legal in both the USA and Sweden -- set a one-eighth-mile record for a 48-V street-legal motorcycle; 13.249 sec hitting 52.97 mph.

NEDRA says Bandimere is a great track for records because of its high-altitude thinner air. The Benidmere event is the last of the season, but electric drag racing seems to be catching on. recently did a story on the sport:

The NEDRA site is here and features videos of some record-setting runs:

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