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Prize-winning a/c unit optimized for western climes

Air conditioner manufacturer Coolerado in Denver recently won the Western Cooling Challenge, sponsored by UC Davis, with a unit designed specially for the hot, arid environments of the western U.S. While most air conditioners are actually designed for muggy climates of the East Coast, the Coolerado H-80 system uses a form of indirect evaporative cooling via the Maisotsenko Cycle. In a nutshell, outside air is humidified and then de-humidified through a series of plastic plates.

The innovation looks particularly promising for use in California, where air conditioning typically accounts for 30% of peak summer demand. According to Mark Modera, director of the UC Davis Western Cooling Efficiency Center, “…the Coolerado H-80 tests indicate almost 80% energy-use savings and over 60% peak-demand reduction.”

The H-80 was designed principally for light commercial buildings but Coolerado also offers models suitable for homes and other buildings, each with an EER (energy-efficiency ratio) of 40 or more

More info on how the H-80 works:

Coolerado site:

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