New from inventors: Fuel cell-powered water purifier

A trio of inventors have devised a fuel cell-based device they say uses the sun to break water into hydrogen and oxygen, saving the oxygen for medical uses and using the hydrogen to power a fuel cell which provides the energy to run a water purification system. Called the Hydra, it will list for $99,500 and targets medical clinics, schools, remote communities, and disaster relief agencies.

Specifically, the on-board hydrogen fuel cell produces 1 to 4 kW with plug-and-play replaceable 200-W blades. The hydrogen generator proton exchange membrane handles 1.42 standard cubic feet per hour. The water purifier consumes 80 to 600 W depending on its rate of water production. It will run on 200 cubic ft of hydrogen from an on-board tank for 13.5 hours when consuming 500 W.

The Hydra in operation and interviews with the inventors may be seen at


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