The switch is suitable for wearable technology market medical equipment audiovisual computer peripherals consumer electronics telecommunications instrumentation Image courtesy of ESwitch
The power switches incorporate 04A current limiting while operating from a 27V to 55V supply with a maximum continuous load current rating of 02A Image courtesy of Diodes Incorporated
The ISL9120 is suitable for the connected devices making up the Internet of Things IoT including wearables smartphones smart thermostats and devices Image courtesy of Intersil
Skylake39s ability to provide strong computer performance at low power levels required a compatible set of power management and battery management ICs Image courtesy of Intersil
The XCL210 series achieves an ultralow quiescent current of 05microA and by integrating the coil an ultrasmall size Image courtesy of Torex Semiconductor
The TMJ S1gma Series capacitors are suitable for use in the advanced wireless systems employed in automotive avionics energy harvesting and safety Image courtesy of AVX
The switch is suitable for medical audiovisual computer peripherals consumer electronics and telecommunications applications among others Image courtesy of ESwitch
Typical applications for the AQF500 series include telecoms data networking industrial machinery monitoring equipment lighting and broadcast equipment Image courtesy of Stadium Power
The MOSFETs are targeting Ethernet network controllers and processors used in such equipment as routers network interface controllers switches digital subscriber line DSL adaptors servers and settop boxes Image courtesy of Diodes
3 Power stages of GaN left and silicon right buck converters All images courtesy of Texas Instruments