With the OFM22539s power factor correction isolation and regulation all combined in one conversion step the component count stays below 120 This contributes to an efficiency of 93 zero load power of 500000h Image courtesy of Powerbox
The ISL94203 includes several programmable protection and monitoring features to safeguard battery packs from catastrophic events such as short circuit conditions and cell voltage shorts Image courtesy of Intersil
The PIC32MX12 series is designed for products with capacitive touch screens touch buttons or sliders as well as USB devicehostOTG connectivity Image courtesy of Microchip Technology
Capable of achieving 92 efficiency these ultracompact and rugged PSUs are designed for the stringent requirements of medical industrial IT and military COTs applications
The new rechargeable LMR 2016 batteries deliver 3V nominal voltage and a 500cycle lifetime and are UL certified to Lithium Batteries Image courtesy of Renata
The MCP9600 simplifies thermocouple designs by integrating a number of discrete devices into one chip which also lowers board area cost and power consumption Image courtesy of Microchip
The new AccuP MP series capacitors exhibit high stability with respect to temperature time frequency and voltage variation Image courtesy of AVX
Unlike observers who intensely watch the world experimenters and engineers construct interactive experiences and try to provoke unorthodox responses to see what insights emerge Image courtesy of Thinkstock
Regenerative AC Load Bank Reduces Energy Costs by 90%
The switch is suitable for medical audiovisual computer peripherals consumer electronics and telecommunications applications among others Image courtesy of ESwitch