Power Electronics Products of the Week (3/6-3/12) Part 3
The Power 30: Powerelectronics.com’s Top 30 Semiconductor Companies
Power Electronics Products of the Week (3/6-3/12) Part 2
Multichip LEDs Offer Twice the Brightness From The Same Surface Area For Stage Spotlights
As an upgrade for XQE High Density designs the new LED enables lighting manufacturers to double candela performance with minimal redesign Image courtesy of Cree
The IR lightemitting diode features typical optical power output ranges from 24 to 28mW a wide emission angle and operates at extended temperature ranges from 65 to 150 degC Image courtesy of Opto Diode
Eight-Switch Matrix IC Controls On/Off/Dimming and Diagnostics of LED Array
These indicator lights are compact lightweight and extremely rugged with an operating temperature range of 40degC to 105degC Image courtesy of CW Industries
13 mm² Photodiode
These 500V buckconverter LED drivers support output powers up to 15W for wideranging LED lighting applications such as ClassABP and GU10 lamps across all mains line voltages Image courtesy of Diodes