Halt or I'll shoot! Mexican police get ESVs

Over 75 T3 Series electric standup vehicles (ESVs) are at work in several different types of applications across Mexico, says T3 supplier T3 Motion, Inc.In Mexico, the vehicles are being utilized by the police departments in Acapulco, San Nicholas and Durango. The T3 Series provides several advantages for law enforcement patrols including a commanding presence, agility, fast response, high visibility over a wide area for the driver, and enhancements to community relations.

In addition, the T3 Series has been selected for security patrols at the Volkswagen manufacturing plant in Puebla. Other deployments in Mexico for the T3 Series include the Mexican secret police -- though it is not clear how secret they will remain when perched atop these things -- and special events such as the country's annual Independence Day parade. The versions of T3s sold to police forces weigh 300 lbs and carry a 20-lb battery. A dc motor powers the units which use LEDs for all their lighting. They carry a 450-lb payload and can travel at speeds of up to 12 mph.

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