A fast charge for EVs

A fast charge for EVs

One bug-a-boo haunting EVs is the lengthy charge times needed to get a depleted vehicle back on the road. So the development of fast-charge stations has become a priority. Now Siemens has come up with a fast charger able to put out 32 A and get an EV back up within an hour, the company says.

The new Charge CP700A charging station is not something you'll likely find in an ordinary household garage. Its fast charging mode is only available through use of three-phase power, at which it puts out 22 kW. As with other stations of this type, the device can also recharge batteries at a lower level of output. It communicates with the vehicle via the charging cable to make sure that the battery can handle the charge rate.

Prototypes of this charging station are now seeing service in projects conducted by the German Ministry of the Environment.

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