Burger with LEDs on the side

Restaurant operator Burger King has equipped its world first energy efficient eatery in Waghäusel, Germany, with LED lighting technology. There, interior and exterior LED bulbs cut lighting energy consumption by more than 55% annually compared to traditional lighting methods.

The LEDs, from Everlight Electronics Co., Ltd., go into both interior and exterior lighting. The parking area is illuminated by six 60-W SL-Dolphin LED street lights in neutral white featuring a luminous flux of ca. 6,000 lm and a color temperature of 5,000 K. The bulbs have an asymmetric wide view angle that ensures high uniformity at pole heights of 6 to 8 m, says Everlight. The lights are now being shipped with a patented electronic ballast that incorporates various dimming options and a high-temperature protection mechanism. Overall efficiency is 93%.

The restaurant's guest area is equipped with red interior lights in Italian design using Everlight's A-Lamp as light source. This implementation, realized by the German company E2, has lamps carrying eight LEDs each which cannot be seen from the outside, resulting in a lighting effect resembling that of frosted light bulbs. The A-Lamp consumes 7.5 W, about half that of CFLs with a comparable luminance.

More information on the SL-Dolphin street lights:

More information on the A-Lamp street lights:

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