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Big bad, energy efficient fan

Huge fans are no longer the sole province of warehouses and factories.Big Ass Fans has devised an energy-efficient ceiling fan called Isis for large, upscale residential spaces. On average, Isis revolves at one fifth the speed of a standard ceiling fan. One eight-foot Isis fan circulates air equivalent to nine standard ceiling fans while using only one third of the energy of one standard ceiling fan. The fan contains patented airfoil and winglet designs that optimize airflow to cut drag and improve downward air velocity. The upturned winglets improve airfoil efficiency, reduce turbulence, and stabilize airflow, thus increasing the overall efficiency of the fan, the company says.

The fan’s long, narrow airfoils are made of aircraft-grade aluminum. In addition to keeping a room cool, the fan can mix warm air trapped at the ceiling in the winter, without the need to reverse the fan. Weighing less than 100 lbs, Isis can be installed in spaces with ceilings as low as 12 ft.

Isis was first introduced to the commercial and hospitality market, but the company now has created a version with appearances in mind for the residential market. The fan is available in three diameters – eight, nine and 10 ft. Isis comes in a standard aluminum finish, but is also available in chestnut, black, and white, or can be color-customized to match any interior décor.

You can have a look at the residential version of Isis here:

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