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XLamp® XP-G LED Now Delivers 140 Lumens per Watt in Production

Cree, Inc. continues to extend the advantage of its innovative, industry-leading XLamp® LED family with the announcement of new levels of performance for its highly efficient XLamp XP-G LEDs, now delivering up to 140 lumens per watt. The proven XP-G LED can help lighting manufacturers reduce system cost and complexity and can make existing designs brighter and more efficient.

By leveraging the popular XP-G LED form factor, these increases in brightness and efficacy can shorten the LED fixture design cycle and improve customer time to market, with drop-in-ready performance enhancements. Cree XP-G LEDs also boast the longest projected lifetime data published, reflecting the reliability Cree customers have come to expect from lighting-class LEDs.

Cree's XLamp XP-G LEDs are the industry's premier LED optimized for directional lighting, used in a variety of applications from street and area lighting to PAR replacement lamps to high-output flashlights. Cree is also the first LED supplier to publish 10,000 hours of lifetime data, which can allow customers to project TM-21 reported lifetimes greater than 60,000 hours, or nearly seven years.

The cool white XLamp XP-G provides up to 148 lumens and 141 lumens per watt, while the outdoor white (4000K) XP-G LED delivers up to 139 lumens and 132 lumens per watt and warm white (3000K) offers up to 122 lumens and 116 lumens per watt, all at 350mA.

Part Number: XLamp

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