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XLamp® MT-G2 LEDs

Cree, Inc. announces the MT-G2 LED - the first EasyWhite® LED array built on the SC³ Technology Platform. The new XLamp® MT-G2 LED delivers LED lighting manufacturers 25 percent brighter LEDs compared to the previous MT-G, enabling a wider spectrum of high lumen applications. MT-G2 LEDs are designed for high-output, directional lighting applications and are the ideal replacement for lighting applications that currently use inefficient halogen lamps. The MT-G2 LEDs are optimized for use in track, accent, lamp retrofit, down lighting and other applications where color quality, consistency and optical control are required.

Featuring Cree® EasyWhite Technology, the MT-G2 LED delivers up to 2100 lumens in warm white (3000K) at 25 watts, 85°C and provides the industry's best color consistency, with superior optical control. The new, brighter MT-G2 LED shares the same footprint as the original MT-G LED, providing customers a seamless upgrade path to shorten the LED luminaire and retrofit lamp design cycle and improve customer time-to-market. The MT-G2 LED is designed to be used as a single component in an LED design to better emulate the filament appearance of incumbent lighting products and simplify design and manufacturing.

The MT-G2 LED is the latest product built on Cree's revolutionary SC³ Technology Platform, joining XB-D, XT-E, XT-E High-Voltage and XM-L High-Voltage LEDs. The SC³ Technology Platform leverages Cree's advanced silicon carbide technology, features advancements in LED chip architecture and phosphor, and showcases a new package design to deliver the most advanced LED components in the industry.

With an 8.9mm x 8.9mm footprint, the MT-G2 LED is available in 2- and 4-step EasyWhite® color temperatures ranging from 2700K to 5000K. The new LEDs are available in minimum 80 and 90 CRI options and feature multiple voltage selections, including higher voltages that enable the use of smaller, more efficient drivers to lower system cost.

Part Number: MT-G2

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