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White LED Driver Family

Micrel Inc. has launched a new family of extremely efficient White LED (WLED) drivers that extends mobile handset talk time by up to an astounding 32 percent. The MIC284x solutions target a wide variety of mobile devices including portable display backlights, keypad backlighting and camera flash in mobile handsets, smart phones, portable media/MP3 players, portable navigation devices (GPS) and other portable devices all applications where saving battery power is critical.

The MIC284x series is a family of high efficiency linear White LED (WLED) drivers designed to drive two to six WLEDs. Each IC features a unique linear charging scheme that saves the normally used switching components. This saves up to 62 percent board space. Also, this efficient linear scheme saves up to 32 percent battery life, additional power that the high power usage screens require. The MIC284x family ensures uniform display illumination through a Dynamic Average Matching (DAM?) technique which provides better than 1.5 percent current matching and accuracy. WLED brightness is controlled through an Ultra Fast PWM or Single Wire Digital 32-step interface. The Ultra Fast PWM interface is one of the most versatile control interfaces in the market allowing control of a wide range of frequencies from 200Hz to 500KHz and dimming down to less than 1 percent duty cycle.

The MIC284x series is available in the 2mm x 2mm 10-pin Thin MLF® leadless package with a junction temperature range of -40°C to +125°C. The MIC284x is currently available in volume quantities with pricing starting at $0.33 for 1K quantities.

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