Power Electronics

R16 LED Lamps

LEDtronics announces its latest generation of direct incandescent-replacement R16 LED Reflector Lamps with standard 26mm medium screw base. The bulbs operate on 120VAC and provide a concentrated 40-degree beam of light from a cluster of 40 LEDs.

The energy-efficient R16-40-SIW-120AM (3,000K warm white) and R16-40-TPW-120AM (5000K natural white) draw just 1.7 watts each and provide up to 140 lumens. Up to 90% savings in energy costs over incandescent and halogen bulbs, and an operating lifespan of up to 50,000-hour LED make these high-efficacy R16 lamps ideal for architects, retail store display creators, entertainment designers and other lighting professionals to integrate economical illumination into maintenance-intensive applications display spot lights, showcase lights, area lights, signage and backlighting, in addition to reading and task lights. They also can be used as individual pixels in a large dot matrix screen and moving signs.

Part Number: R16

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