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Piccolo(tm) MCU Digital AC LED Lighting and Communications Developer's Kit

Enabling designers to cost-effectively incorporate intelligence and remote connectivity into LED lighting designs and get to market faster, Texas Instruments Incorporated announced its new 32-bit TMS320C2000 Piccolo microcontroller (MCU) AC LED Lighting and Communications Developer's Kit. Leveraging the performance of low-cost Piccolo MCUs, the LED Lighting and Communications Developer's Kit is a complete mains-powered LED lighting solution with software that allows designers to create lighting products featuring full dimming, remote connectivity and efficient power stage design perfect for street, outdoor, commercial, industrial, and entertainment lighting applications.

A separate plug-in compatible, Piccolo MCU Power Line Communications (PLC) Add-on Kit further allows developers to experiment with development of PLC-based lighting designs. It adds cost effective energy metering, remote diagnostics or remote control without the need for additional wiring or external communications modules.


  • Plug-in PLC daughter board and drop-in replacement Piccolo F2803x MCU, enabling the hardware support and control performance necessary for PLC.
  • Communicates with the C2000 Power Line Modem Developer's Kit (sold separately) to easily demo PLC.
  • Includes controlSUITE software and PLC software suite for easy-to-use and open source demonstration GUIs, software examples and documentation for PLC technology.

The Piccolo AC LED Lighting and Communications Developer's Kit (TMDSIACLEDCOMKIT) is priced at $699 USD and is immediately available for order. Also available for order is the Piccolo PLC Add-on Kit (TMDSPLCMODA-P3X) for $215 USD and can be ordered now.

Texas Instruments (Houston)

Part Number: TMS320C2000

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