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Miniature Buck LED Driver Controller for Efficient, Compact Lighting Designs

ON Semiconductor's NCL30100 is a new step-down (buck) LED driver controller that provides a suitable solution for high-brightness LED driver applications where space is limited and high efficiency is important such as low voltage MR-16 LED bulbs. The new controller helps designers optimize their solution for a wide range of LED drive currents and is ideal for low voltage halogen-to-LED replacement, LED track and landscape lighting, and solar LED products.

The NCL30100's ability to operate at high switching frequency and the flexibility it gives to select the most appropriate power MOSFETs, combine to support the customer in achieving an optimal solution for their design.

Based on a peak current, quasi fixed-off time control architecture optimized for continuous mode step-down operation that eliminates the need for an output filter capacitor, the NCL30100 saves both board space and cost. A switching frequency of up to 700 kHz enables designers to use smaller inductors and therefore achieve further valuable PCB real estate savings. The NCL30100 meets the energy saving demands of the latest designs by achieving up to 95 percent efficiency. For low voltage AC applications, the NCL30100 can be dimmed via a standard wall dimmer.

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