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Low/Mid Power LED Family Provides Total Solution for Lighting Applications

Everlight Electronics Co., Ltd. announces a series of Low/Mid Power LEDs* especially suited for use in solid state lighting. The new Low/Mid Power LED family has the ability to provide customers a total solution for lighting applications.

General Lighting is an interesting and broad market segment. For any individual segment of lighting there are multiple categories and sub categories with different requirements and functionalities. Outdoor lighting encompasses street lighting, tunnel lighting, parking lot lighting, landscape lighting, as well as a slew of other applications. Indoor Lighting encompasses replacement bulbs, down lights, light bars, etc. As an example, replacement bulbs are further categorized down to directional bulbs, decorative bulbs, and omnidirectional bulbs. Furthermore, directional bulbs are sub categorized into MR16, PAR, AR111, etc.

The 3020 and 3528 (0.06W) packages are ideal for light bar applications. Many of these small packages can be densely packed onto a linear heat sink to provide the required light uniformity of linear solutions. As a result, a linear LED light bar can emulate the appearance of traditional fluorescent tubes. In addition, because these are small, low power LEDs, the minimal thermal dissipation of linear fixtures is sufficient in maintaining a low substrate temperature as well as a low junction temperature within the LED, resulting in better performance and lifetime. To increase the advantage of using low power LEDs and improve overall light quality in the fixtures, Everlight can offer 200mcd/bin for intensity uniformity and 0.1V/bin for more consistent electrical design.

The most recent trend and direction for general lighting is towards cost conscious, consumer price acceptable replacement A-bulbs. It is predicted that 257 million A-bulbs will be sold worldwide in 2013. With current price and performance pressures, the Mid Power 5630 (0.4W and 0.5W) package is aggressively surpassing traditional COB and high power LED light sources as the preferred package type for A-bulb applications. 5630 packages have superb lm/$. This is derived from the combined resources of the backlighting and the general lighting market. This shared capacity results in stable quality and commercial competitiveness over other types of LEDs.

*Definition of EVERLIGHT Low/Mid: Power consumption ≤ 0.2W - Low Power LED Power consumption ≤ 0.5W - Mid Power LED

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