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LED-lamp Reference Board for Dimmable Offline Lighting Applications

Texas Instruments Incorporated introduced a complete LED lighting driver reference board in collaboration with Lemnis Lighting to help address three important issues: cost, dimming and efficacy. The TPS92010 LED-lamp Reference Board applies TI's semiconductor technology for general LED lighting and Lemnis Lighting's expertise in dimmable lighting applications. The board can help speed adoption of energy-saving retrofit LED light bulbs. The reference board will be available in mid-second quarter and is accompanied by a user's guide that contains the schematics, bill of materials and test results needed to design a dimmable LED lamp.

The reference board is based on TI's new TPS92010 LED lighting controller. The TPS92010 offline LED lighting controller implements quasi-resonant flyback power converters to achieve high efficiency of up to 87 percent, small size and lower cost for AC/DC LED lighting drivers. The TPS92010's control technique allows designers to develop replacement light bulbs in tight, small form factors, and helps reduce overall system cost. The device's system-level features, such as overvoltage detection and shutdown, prevent system damage caused by an open LED string. Its over-temperature shutdown feature protects against excessive heat in the system.

The TPS92010 is the first of a new family of TI LED controllers designed for general lighting applications, such as residential LED fixtures; retrofit LED bulbs; commercial troffers; down-lights; wall sconces; pathway lighting; overhead lighting; and architectural and display lighting.

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