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LED Drivers

GlacialPower announces their latest, innovative LED driver series: GP-LS200P. Designed for outdoor applications such as streetlights, the GP-LS200P series efficiently regulates voltage and power consumption. With these drivers, outdoor lighting can benefit from the advantages of LED lighting including lower power consumption, natural looking light with no perceptible flickering, and extremely long product lives.

GlacialPower's new LED driver series effectively transforms AC voltage ranging from 90 to 295V into useable DC voltage. The four models of the GP-LS200P series respectively have a DC voltage output from 12 to 48V. Additionally, the Power Factor Correction (PFC) of the power driver is also highly specialized and maintains a clean and pure sine waveform of current to improve electric power quality, enhancing LED life and reducing power losses from electric power pollution.

Built to be smaller than its competitors, the GP-LS200P series maintains optimal temperatures with cooling by free air convection. The GlacialPower's GP-LS200P LED driver series sets up almost instantly in 1.5 seconds, making it an ideal solution for high brightness LED outdoor applications.

Part Number: GP-LS200P

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