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Industry's Smallest ANSI-Compliant Warm/Neutral LED Bins

As the only LED manufacturer to offer lighting-class LEDs in the entire ANSI color space, Cree, Inc. announces expanded binning for the XLamp® XP LED family. Cree is sub-binning its entire warm/neutral white color space into the industry's smallest offerings while also standardizing two cool white bins.

Cree's XLamp XP-E and XP-C LEDs, in the industry's smallest warm white bins, are now available to order with standard lead times. Cree has also standardized two cool white bins for the XLamp XP LED family covering the ANSI-defined 5700K to 6500K color space, primarily used for outdoor lighting.

The ANSI C78.377-2008 standard outlines eight quadrangles on the blackbody locus, covering the cool-to-warm white color space. The U.S. Department of Energy cites this ANSI standard in its ENERGY STAR® Solid State Lighting 1.1 criteria.

Cree adopted the proposed ANSI-color space for warm and neutral white in 2007, nearly a year before the C78.377standard was formally published. Upon publication, Cree began offering 4 sub-bins within each ANSI quadrangle. With this announcement, each warm/
neutral ANSI quadrangle is sub-divided into 16 discrete bins--each 75 percent smaller than previously offered and 94 percent smaller than the ANSI C78.377-standard.

Cree and XLamp are registered trademarks of Cree, Inc.

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